5 responses to “Glastonbury 2010: Avett Brothers – my undiscovered gem”

  1. Paul Smith


    I’m still waiting for that Second Glem CD, but have the recent album, Emotionalism and the first Gleam. Yet to catch up though

  2. Vicky

    They were my gem too brad. Loved ’em, they had me dancing around at times, yet close to tears at others. Plus the avalon stage is a gorgeous place to be. One of my all time glasto memories. Well done greg! :)

  3. Mark

    Two triumphant moments for the Smiffy – first, discovering the Avett Brothers; and then secondly, passing on his learned recommendation to his favourite folk-fan and banjo-fetishist – namely, me.

    They’re my new favourite band so I’m very grateful for the tip-off but hate you for getting to see them live when I didn’t. It’s so unfair. You’re a monster, Smith.

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